Wood Bats 4 Sale Baseball Wallets
Just the Best Wood for the Serious Baseball Player

Baseball Wallets
The only wallet made for Baseball Players

Baseball Wallet

A Genuine Baseball Wallet makes a great Christmas present for any baseball fan, birthday gift for a baseball player, end of the season gift for baseball coaches, Father's Day gift for a sports dad.

Real baseball leather
108 stitches
Waxed baseball thread
Red or White stitches
8 credit card slots
Available with ID holder
Black leather interior

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Red Stitched Baseball Wallet

Any sports fan will appreciate carrying one of these billfold wallets made from genuine baseball leather. They are hand sewn with 108 stitches, the same number as a real baseball, and come packaged in a professionally designed wallet box. Click on the thumbnails below for more photos of the wallets and boxes.

Baseball Wallet

Red Stitched Baseball Wallet with ID Holder

We are now offering our popular red stitched baseball wallet with a removable ID holder. These wallets allow you easy access to your driver's license and even let you take out the ID holder if you just need your license and a credit card and want to leave everything else at home. These wallets, at 3 1/2" x 4 3/8" are slightly larger than our other wallets and therefore not available in our gift boxes.